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A Bitcoin wallet is a piece of software that stores your Bitcoins. Bitcoin, on the other hand, doesn’t really reside in any material reality. Bitcoin cannot be kept elsewhere other than in coin wallets. This sort of software is simple to use and dependable, as well as safe and speedy. 

Below, we’ve created a selection of the best bitcoin wallets for keeping your private key code. Although bitcoin is among the most prominent cryptocurrencies, keep in mind that all of these bitcoin wallet recommendations additionally enable ethereum, litecoin, and a variety of many other tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Best Bitcoin Wallet in India 2022


OPOLO, based in Luxembourg, offers its very own secure and protected electronic wallets that use safe processors certified EAL 6+. This implies you’ll be sufficient to retain any cryptocurrency holdings offline. OPOLO also claims to provide authentic devices verification, USB encrypting, anti-theft security, PCB encapsulating, randomized keypad access, and malware operation.

You can create bitcoin wallets, ethereum wallets, or use more than 100 different currency. The bitcoin digital wallet, owing to the firm’s security protocols, enables you to store and restore any valuables. The OPOLO mobile application is only accessible for Android smartphones, however, the wallet is indeed available for Mac, Windows, and Linux customers who have computers or laptops.    

Remember that perhaps the OPOLO mobile application is best suited for Android users. If you might not have an Android phone, you may still use your PC or laptop to install the OPOLO hard wallet.


Although these previously provided wallets via Cobo Vault, Cobo has converted to give its consumers a virtual Internet wallet. The software supports over 40 currencies and over 180 tokens, and android and IOS users may avail advantage of the characteristics.

Multi-factor verification, warm retention, and multi-signature stockpiling for secret keys are also available with Cobo. Establishments can also use Cobo Custody’s crypto services. However, When you’re only looking for hardware crypto encryption, Cobo isn’t the greatest option.


Wasabi is a free hot wallet accessible for Mac, Windows, and Linux desktop systems that customized version, non-custodial security for bitcoin investors. Under its website, Wasabi also supports trust-free CoinJoin activities, which allow you to combine your bitcoins with those of other people in a single transaction, preventing third-party or hackers from the tracking what each coin originated.

This function, however, does not endanger the security of your money. Both you and users won’t be possible to ascertain the origin of each currency. Wasabi claims that this reduces the possibility of funds being stolen since, unlike traditional transfers with a single transmitter and recipient, it is much more impossible for service providers to track.


You may keep your crypto encryption key and handle any resources remotely with Shift Crypto’s BitBox02 wallet, which has an additional chip. The BitBox02 wallet’s first promote and advance bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and over 1,500 additional currencies.

However, Shift Crypto also offers a bitcoin-only variant. If you simply want to keep bitcoin, this edition might be a good option for you. It uses bitcoin-only technology and works with the BitBoxApp, Electrum, Specter, and Sparrow. If you prefer easy accessibility, Shift Crypto will only be available on Android smartphones.


Exodus is a cryptocurrency trading service that works with desktop, mobile, and hardware crypto wallets. Exodus accounts have included live graphs and investment statistics, 24/7 customer service, a constructed marketplace, and access to over 150 bitcoin assets.

 If you like, you may maintain your assets with Exodus as well as Trezor, another popular cryptocurrency wallet. You are not expected to employ numerous wallets, even though some users may like to do that as an enhanced security safeguard for their funds. Exodus primarily serves software consumers. Assuming you plan to utilize Trezor hardware with the application, this might not be suited for hardware-minded users.

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