Best Crypto Exchange in India 2022

A cryptocurrency exchange is an online platform wherein individuals can purchase, trade, and transfer bitcoin. Consumers can input national currency (such as US dollars) and then use those money to purchase cryptocurrencies on a crypto exchange, which works in the same way as a brokerage firm. Consumers can also trade their Bitcoin for those other currencies, as well as some platforms provide users the opportunities to generate income on their cryptocurrency investments.

If you would like to make a purchase on cryptocurrencies, you’ll need to use a virtual currency. Those digital marketers, comparable to brokerages, allow you to buy and offer digital cryptocurrencies such As bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. The finest cryptocurrency exchanges make this easy to make money selling the cryptocurrencies you choose, with low fees and robust cybersecurity measures. Whenever pick the appropriate cryptocurrencies for your needs, it’s critical to evaluate supporting cryptocurrencies, pricing, withdrawal options, and safety, which is exactly what we did when producing our majority of the best bitcoin exchanges.

The following are the best cryptocurrency exchanges:

1) Coinbase and Coinbase Pro

Coinbase was chosen because it makes purchasing and trading cryptocurrency simple and secure. Coinbase also offers Coinbase Pro, that has the same price strategy as Coinbase but includes a plethora of additional graphs and statistics.

Pro and cons


  • There’s a good selection of altcoins to choose from.
  • The user interface is really basic.
  • Exceptionally high liquidity


  • The wallet keys are not within the hands of the user.

Coinbase has generally avoided any controversy in the cryptocurrency market, which has been plagued by counterfeit currencies and dodgy exchanges. Coinbase offers a very consumer exchange, lowering the barriers of entry for cryptocurrency investment, that is sometimes seen as difficult and puzzling.

Traders and investors may now use Coinbase’s guaranteed custodian accounts to store their assets. They are protected from security breaches and malware, and your funds are housed in Federally insured bank accounts, which really is important because consumers have experienced their accounting entries getting hacked and their funds being emptied.

The Coinbase custodial wallets are appropriate for first-time users, however the security tokens to the bitcoins remain to Coinbase, not really the owner.

2) Cash App

We enjoy Cash App because it is simple to use and offers a variety of withdrawal choices to other bitcoin wallets.

Pro and cons


  • Bitcoin withdrawals are possible.
  • The user interface is really basic.


  • Only Bitcoin and no other cryptocurrencies are supported.
  • When transferring money through credit card, there is a fee.
  • Withdrawal limitations apply on a daily and weekly basis.

Cash App is a peer-to-peer payment processing application, similar to Venmo. Cash App may be used to share meals, pay the rent to a tenant, or even make online purchases at businesses that support Cash App. Users may get their own Cash App card payments and use Cash App in the same way as they would a bank account.

3) Bisq

Bisq was chosen because it is a decentralised, open-source exchange that does not require Know Your Customer (KYC) information.


  • Non-KYC, decentralised platform
  • Both Android and iOS versions of the software are available.


  • The pace of transactions might be sluggish.
  • Low trading volumes are possible.
  • It is not intended for active trading.

Bisq is a downloadable software and peer-to-peer decentralised Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange that, like Bitcoin itself, has no single point of failure and cannot be shut down. Bisq is a non-custodial service, which implies that nobody ever other than the consumer has direct authority well over user’s cash.

4) Binance


There are fewer trading pairs in the US than in the international edition. Not all states were in favour.

Pro and cons


  • A wide range of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs are available.
  • More complex graphing


  • Designed for more experienced users
  • Binance.
  • There are fewer trading pairs in the US than in the international edition.
  • Not all states were in favour.

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that was created in 2017 with a significant focus on altcoin trading. Deposits in 12 different fiat currencies, including the Euro, are permitted.Binance is a good choice for anyone looking to trade or invest in lesser-known cryptocurrencies.

Binance is a wonderful alternative for someone who needs more advanced charting than most other exchanges, as it provides more than 50 different cryptocurrencies to trade. The tools, graphing capabilities, and data that come with your account are extremely outstanding, especially for the low prices.

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