How to Become a Teacher After 12th? ( Full Guide )

Teaching is an excellent career choice, especially in a country like India, where education is a must for development. Teachers are like magicians, constantly challenging, inspiring, and promoting their students. A teacher’s job description includes not just imparting knowledge to students, but also helping them improve their self-esteem and moral growth. At all levels of education, there is a great need for qualified teachers.

These days, the most popular profession among students is teaching. After finishing the course, they are eligible to teach in a variety of government and private schools. It is a position of responsibility in which an applicant may influence the career of another candidate. He or she teaches them not just about the course, but also about how to interact with others and how to become familiar with children.

A variety of institutes and colleges offer teaching courses after the 12th grade. These courses will provide you with the information and abilities necessary to teach students of all ages in a variety of academic.

If you wish to pursue a career as a teacher after completing your 12th you must first complete a teaching course before becoming a certified teacher. The following is a list of teacher education courses:

BA + B.Ed. Program

B.El.Ed. (Bachelor of Elementary Education)

D.El.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education)

B.Sc. + B.Ed. Integrated Course

B.P.Ed. (bachelor of Physical Education)

DPE (Diploma in Physical Education)

  Teaching Courses After 12th

  • It’s important to realize that teaching is a noble job. Teachers are also well-liked and respected in society.
  • This is to emphasise the importance of education in the overall growth of a country. Furthermore, instructors play a critical part in society’s education.
  • It is to emphasise that education is the process of collecting information and then being able to apply/make use of it.
  • A teacher is someone who instructs his or her students. In other words, a teacher might be considered a source of information transmission!
  • It is important to highlight that teaching is a tough and demanding career.
Here are some of the best teaching courses available after 12th grade.

1) INTEGRATED B.A. B.ED. COURSE After 12th grade 

  B.Ed. stands for Bachelor of Education. This is to highlight that it is a degree that qualifies one to pursue teaching as a career.

It’s a master’s degree programme. The government, on the other hand, has opted to implement integrated programmes.

Furthermore, this action has been made in response to the severe teacher shortage that we have been experiencing for some time.

As a result, B.A. B.Ed. The government has designed an integrated course as part of this effort.

This is to emphasise that this programme is a combination of a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education (Dual-Degree).

Furthermore, because this course is based on personal desire, one can choose a suitable subject and join in this combined course.


Passed 10+2 with English as a subject in any stream.

With a minimum of 50% marks.

The minimum necessary marks, on the other hand, may differ from one institute to the next.

In addition, D.Ed. holders may be admitted immediately into the second academic year of this course.

2) B.SC. B.ED.

It’s important to note that, in the past, students had to complete a separate B.Ed. degree after finishing their B.Sc. course.

However, on the plus side, the addition of a B.Sc. The combined B.Ed. course has made life much easier.

This is to highlight that the curriculum combines a B.Sc. and a B.Ed. degree.

As a result, one may select an acceptable subject and follow this integrated course depending on personal desire.


With a minimum of 50% marks.

It is important to highlight that D.Ed. holders are eligible for immediate admission to the integrated program’s second academic year.

3) B.EL.ED

B.El.Ed. stands for Bachelor of Elementary Education.

It is critical to understand that this is a course for primary school teachers.

Furthermore, this course is aimed to prepare students for the job of primary school teacher by providing them with the necessary training.

In addition, this programme includes both theoretical and practical courses.


Passed 10+2 

Obtaining a minimum of 50% in selected subjects (subjects may vary from one institute to another).

The minimum aggregate marks requirement, on the other hand, may differ from one institute to the next.

4) D.EL.ED

D.El.Ed. stands for Diploma in Elementary Education.

It’s important to understand that this is a degree programme for primary school instructors.

Furthermore, it is a suitable option to the B.El.Ed. programme.

Moreover, this course prepares students for the job of elementary school teacher by providing them with the necessary training.


10+2 passes in any stream from a recognised board.

With a minimum of 50% marks.

The minimal marks requirement, on the other hand, may differ from one institute to the next.

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