How to Become ACP? Full Guide

ACP stands for Assistant Commissioner of Police. It is a classification or rank that is used in several nations’ police services. The police have an essential role in enforcing the rule of law and social discipline, in addition to keeping peace in our social environment.

The police have the primary responsibility for ensuring society’s security, and the police department has various levels of officers. Commissioner, district superintendent of police, police inspector, ACP, and others are among them.

How to become ACP?

To become an ACP, you must sit for and pass UPSC exams administered by the Union Public Service Commission Board. In this exam, you must select IPS. ACPs can be promoted from the ranks of IPS officers and DSPs. After a good career of 10 to 15 years, state police officers can also become ACPs. You must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognised university or educational board to take this exam. Apart from that, the candidate must be an Indian citizen and have reached the age of 21. The maximum age restriction varies per category, such as general, SC, OBC, ST, and so on.

You have two primary options for obtaining this position. If you are selected by the Union Public Service Commission for the Indian Police Service, you may be assigned to this position after a period of time.

Apart from that, candidates who are selected by the State Public Service Commission for the positions of Deputy District Superintendent of Police, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Additional District Superintendent of Police, and so on, can still be appointed to the post of ACP if they serve for 15 to 20 years in the state police service, or get promoted by passing some departmental examinations.

ACP Selection Process Through UPSC

UPSC recruits’ candidates for high-level positions in various government departments across the country, and eligible candidates selected in the Indian Police Service under this commission will receive ACP positions in the future.

First and foremost, IPS status candidates must serve as Deputy District Superintendent of Police/Assistant Superintendent of Police/Additional Assistant Superintendent of Police for a period of time.

 While working on these posts, the officers whose service time is excellent and who have done commendable work in understanding, punctuality, tough conditions are assigned to the rank of ACP by special promotion while working on these jobs.

The following are the requirements for ACP:
  • The interested applicant must be at least 21 years old and at least 32 years old to be eligible for caste reservation under the Indian Constitution, which states that OBCs must be at least 3 years old and SC/STs must be at least 5 years old.  The average age limit in this area is 32 years.
  • All students interested in joining the IPS programme must be citizens of India. Although people of other nations are permitted to take this test, all of them must hold permanent Indian citizenship.
  • All students who wish to be selected for the Indian Police Service through the IPS test must have a minimum graduation / bachelor’s education degree. It is also necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in education from a recognised university.
  • Any applicant who wishes to become an ACP through IPS, whether male or female, must be physically and mentally healthy. The male candidate’s minimum length and chest breadth are 165 cm and 85 cm, respectively. When it comes to female candidates, a minimum height requirement of 150 cm is required.
  • Selection for IPS is made after passing the phases of pre-examination, main examination, and interview, with post-appointment given after police training.

Exam for the position of ACP at the State Public Commission

In almost every state in India, there are independent State Public Service Commissions that finish the recruiting process for high-ranking officers in the relevant state’s police department every year.

Candidates who are selected for the positions of Deputy District Superintendent of Police/Assistant Superintendent of Police/Additional Assistant Superintendent of Police, among others, are all promoted to the rank of ACP after serving for roughly 15-20 years.

ACP Salary

An ACP’s monthly salary ranges from Rs.84,000 to Rs.95,000, which is about the same across India.

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